Great American Eclipse 2024 with the City of Ward

Mark your calendars for April 8, 2024 for The Great American Eclipse!  

Ward Arkansas will be in view for a total of 2 minutes and 39.5 seconds.  Join the Countdown or get more information about the Solar Eclipse CLICK HERE

What is a total Solar Eclipse?- A solar eclipse takes place when the moon passes between the earth and the sun.

Path of Totality? - During the 2024 Eclipse, Arkansas path includes nearly 2/3 of the state. The closer you are to the center of the line of totality, the longer the time of darkness.

What should you expect during the eclipse? - The sun will be obscured in Arkansas at least 94% across the state. The temperature will drop.

Do you need special glasses? - Yes, you will need eclipse glasses or use projected images.

The City of Ward is offering temporary RV/Camp site to enjoy the Solar Eclipse at our Sports Complex. There will be plenty of activities to participate in while staying. 

Amenities include - RV/Camper sites (100' x 50'), Tent sites (25' x 25'), Concessions for Food and Merchandise, Restrooms, Medic Stations, Ball Fields, ADA Friendly Playground, Walking Path, Games, Movies, Music, and Solar Eclipse Glasses (while supplies last).

Camping Rates - Early Bird Special

RV/Campers - 4-night minimum, April 5-8, $350/site - Additional night(s) $60/night

Tents - 3 night minimum, April 6-8, $250/site - Additional night(s) $50/night

Guests are welcome to arrive as early as April 3rd and stay as late as April 10th, with payment of additional nights. All spaces are primitive; no electricity or water will be available for hook-up. Prices are subject to change. Payment is required at time of reservation. To make a reservation, please follow the reservation form & payment links below. You MUST agree to the Terms & Conditions to complete reservation. Terms & Conditions

Offsite Interesets in Ward and Surrounding Areas - Donut Shop, Bait Shop & Grill, Dollar General - 1 mile; Fishing Pond - 1 mile; Hibachi Truck, Gas Station with Pizza Pro - 1.5 miles; Mexican Restaurant - 2 miles; Walmart - 5 miles; Mcdonald's, Taco Bell, BBQ, Burger King, Chinese Buffet, Subway 5.5 miles

Nearby Locations - Cabot - 7 miles; Little Rock Air Force Base - 16 miles; Searcy - 20 miles; Little Rock - 36 miles; Atkins, AR (location with 4 min, 16 secs of totality) - 63 miles


Please visit our parks and recreation website to book your slot now! Click below the link below:

Contact Info

Michelle Fitzgerald
Parks and Recreation Director
P.O. Box 237, Ward, AR 72176
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Park for the Dark

Park for the Dark